Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why not the obvious headache

Headache is the masterpiece of all the indispositions. An author once said, “Headache is a boon to the mankind, an illness which can be told to open public without any fear or shy”. Not every individual possesses the blunt courage to admit that he’s suffering from illness like stomach ache etc, or to say that he’s not just feeling like doing anything. Headache, in particular, has been a close friend to the student community from ages. But nowadays not many people are able to see its vitality. Many institutes are not happy with this friendship and are very harsh towards this friend ‘The Headache’. This is an alarmingly untoward situation.

Gone are the days where you miss (or bunk) a class with the obvious reason headache. With heavy dose of compulsory attendances and strict medical certificates the good old reason has lost the charm (I personally know a friend of mine who woke up late & missed a lab session, running around the insti hospital with a hope of getting a medical certificate). ‘I don’t feel like coming/ attending, so please don’t bother me’ can be redacted as “I’m suffering from a headache”. Not having any foolproof method to calibrate and scale, it was and is the readily available choice to most of us.

Headache has many forms and manifestations: A headache to compensate previous night’s late sleep; A headache to pack the things for the weekend trip; A headache to roam around & bask with buddies;  A headache to search one’s lost priced accessory etc, and in many other ways.

Besides the native attendance rule followed by an institute, it should also consider some allowed number of headaches per person per month, to let a balanced mental environment exist.

These days the moment you announce that you have a headache, your father spanks you, teachers twist your ear, friends laugh, and the doctor from whom you are expecting a medical certificate tells you “Go and attend classes, that’s the remedy”. And the only ones showing due respect towards the headache is the pharmaceutical companies.

Let us not tarnish the importance of the headache which has been through ages and generations, even before you and I are born. Headache is another way of being polite instead of saying 'What the fudge, please leave me alone'. But these days the politeness is not being rewarded. And it’s time the institutions wake up and understand the sobriety of the situation.

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