Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time Paradox

The other day while I was on facebook I saw a beautiful quote by Swami Vivekananda, 'Talk to yourself at least once in a day…. Otherwise, you may miss an opportunity to meet an EXCELLENT person in this world'. Wow! What a saying, was my first reaction followed by introspection of self, like anyone else who has seen this quote.

Am I talking to myself everyday, at least once in a while? No. How can I accommodate it given to my busy life.

Then came retrospection, followed by a doubt, do I actually have sufficient time?

Few years ago (I mean 5 ~ 8 years), there were computers, mobiles, goods and gadgets though not even close to the number present now.

To book a train ticket, one used to go to reservation counter, take a form, fill and get ticket and all this process used to take 30 ~ 60 min depending on one's stars that day.

To shop a computer, one used to visit many guys who used to posses one, take reviews, listen to pros and cons, investigate, make a detailed analysis, go to a city, and order in a shop, and if one luckily had relatives there, could ask them to order in your name. and when the unit was assembled, it was taken. Wow!

But now e-commerce has improvised so much, we now have flipkart, amazon or ebay; hunt for product with your requirements, see the ratings which many a times are given just beside the display pic of the product, or give the 'product ID+ review' as a search word in google or youtube, you may even get a tear down of the product pointing you the bad screw in it. And all these a click away.

Didn't we have social networking, oh yes we had. Remember that yellow smiley Yahoo messenger 7.0. and Rediff Bol? And the later also used to provide 3 free SMSs per Mobile Number a day, yippee!! Thus Rediff Bol even let me help around 40 of my friends to inform their homes, when sudden holidays were declared in the school (That was a Boarding School),using its free 3 SMSs per mobile feature (thank Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V). But It took me around 4 hours. Phew! Those the 56K dial up modem and unstable Internet connections.

Now all the above mentioned things can be done in your phone itself. Particularly with raise of smart phones, now a phone = Phone + Computer + Point-&-Shoot + Newspaper + Books + Bank etc. etc., and the list is fast updating. You can even sync them across your devices, thanks to cloud computing. You now have an app for virtually anything, be it a mundane thing or a high tech thing. That too you can do all these while you are on move, which means you don't even have to strip and set a side a time slot from your busy schedule to do things like browsing, e-mails etc. etc.

By the dumbest of calculations ever made will tell you that you should have gained at least two hours per day, because of the advancements of technology compared to that of a decade ago.

But I distinctly remember I used to sleep around 10:30 pm, having completed most of my scheduled tasks. But now around 12:00 am one could find me still fiddling with my mobile putting a sticky note of those myriad of unfinished tasks in the order of priority, while they make a troll face at me.

Either I'm too dumb or we might need another Einstein to explain this time paradox.

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