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S8 39 Circar Express - part 3

continued from part 2

Now who the hell is he?

Before I could say anything he turned towards me, ‘Can you move to upper berth for few minutes, we will take our dinner.’

‘Okay.’ I moved on to 40 the side upper berth where I had my dinner.

After sometime he left, and she started conversation.

‘Sorry, he is my brother he doesn't like me talking with boys’

‘Where did he go?’

‘He is in the next compartment along with his friends.’

There were no exchange of words for sometime everything seemed to come to a standstill, while I was still digesting the fact she just said. Then she spoke about something most of which didn’t even get registered in my mind. I was just nodding my head at correct intervals and she believed I was listening.

I was feeling very guilty. And when we were almost ready to go to sleep I asked her, ‘If I was not a Marwadi, you would not have been talked with me, right?’


‘It’s not like that, I would have talked probably, it’s just that...’

‘I’m not a Marwadi’, I told interrupting her, ‘And I’m sorry, I didn't mean anything bad, I was just playing along your assumption and thought it would be fun to prove you long at the end of the journey, but seems like I had to tell this earlier itself.’

Forcing a swallow she said, ‘Its not like that,’ and went in to deep thought.

She still looked as surprised as a kid who suddenly realized for the first time that undertaker didn't really have seven lives.

'ఎకువ ఆలోచించకు, పడుకో , రేప్పొద్దున గొదావరి చూడాలిగా'

(Don’t fret over it too much, get some sleep, you don’t want to miss the sight of the Godavari tomorrow morning, do you?)

I went to sleep into which I drifted very effortlessly, the usual din of the train and a good dinner lulled me into a very good sleep under the guard of the watermelon-slice shaped moon sometimes taking break behind the clouds, which seemed very good from the train window (& unfortunately my cell camera was not able to capture that spell bounding view, I moved on, philosophizing, not all things can be captured by the lens.)

Someone was beating me on my legs. I was shaken awake.

I woke up with a start with such an intensity that for a second felt entire train sharply tilting to the other side while my head felt too heavy.

‘You don’t want to miss the Godavari, do you?’

Godavari! I understood I'm on the verge of missing the sight of the mighty river, her sentence had the telltale magic as it instantly made me quite wakeful.

Without further ado I ran to the entrance to take all that I can while taking out my cell to take some shots. She woke me up just in time, otherwise I would have missed. My love to this river is second only to my mother. I like it, love it & respect it.
Picture taken while train is crossing the river Godavari

After the train crossed the bridge I came back to my seat.

‘Sorry I woke up just then so couldn't wake you earlier.’

What?? I’m feeling extremely grateful to her and here she is apologizing??

‘No, You woke up in time & otherwise I would have felt very bad. Thank you, Thank you very much. I couldn't afford missing the Godavari. Thank you once again.’

I was feeling like writing a code to run a loop to continuously say Thanks to her, even an infinite loop couldn't express how grateful I'm then.

‘I had a very good time yesterday, thank you very much.’ She said with a big smile.

‘I had a good time too, no need to thank me, I didn't do anything.’ I don't know what I made to make her feel good, but I was definitely feeling good.

‘Being modest huh?’

‘No, I guess you didn't do many train journeys trust me you’ll have much better awaiting you’

Just then her brother resurfaced intimating her that they have to get down at next station.

Thank god his visit was short, otherwise there would be nothing but silence.

‘So, bye’ She said picking up her luggage.

‘What? umm yeah bye. All the best’ (I don’t know for what I wished her All the best)

‘Ummm... so goodbye’

I got the cue, & gave her my email ID.

‘God, we chatted entire evening and we didn't even get to know our names..’

It struck me, how silly! We were about to depart after a nice full night journey without even knowledge of each others names.

‘As my email suggests my name is Ravi Teja’

‘I’m Sonia,’ she said while stepping out of train that just halted.

Sonia the name conjured out image of a girl in my class in my high school who also happened to be a Marwadi.

No way. She can’t be.

I went to the doorway and asked ‘Sonia Agarwal?’

She now was with her brother and mouthed the word yes, with a surprised look.

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