Sunday, February 23, 2014

During a Storm - Part 2

Ufffff!!!  Where the hell is Srinu, she thought yet again,  for a thousandth time.

Not a single soul seemed to wandering about in the rain, while Srinu was yet to return.

Just then a Lightning flash came and the little one not yet having experienced fear ran out to the locked front-gate to experience it.

He came in back running, and announced, You know what? The tube light has fallen.

Jaya became curious, how can he see the street lights tube from the gate? She went out to the gate, along with him to see. She couldnt make out in the dark if the tube of street light was intact or not.

Pandu, can you see Street light?


But then you just said that the light has fallen?

But I wasnt talking about the street light.


I was talking about the tube light of God.

She forgot everything about anything else. She became curious, Gods tube light?

Yes, wait, Ill show you, God has many tube lights.

Then there was another lightning through the sky, and the little one exclaimed, See, I told you.

Jaya remained silent for a while, but after comprehending what he meant, gave a hearty laugh, seeing his innocence, took him into his hands and hoisted him on her waist. She kissed his pink cheeks and said, My dear scientist, it is not Gods tube light, its a lightning.

The bewildered little one said, What does that mean.

Although she was itching to explain the reason behind it, she herself being a teacher hated to keep people devoid of the reason, she brushed off the thought as she wasnt sure if she can patiently explain the science to a mere toddler, while she was constantly worried about her husband.  In the end she retorted to say, Youll learn when you become big.

When will I become big?

Soon, if you take your food and milk without throwing tantrums and listen and obey to what the elders say.

Just then, fully drenched, came home Srinu. She left the child aside, and slumped her shoulders in ease which, till then, were taut with tension and anticipation. She became flustered again, “Where were you till now?”

It was Srinus turn to be surprised, You know that there are dramatics competitions going on in the town auditorium.

But theres a storm, I thought theyd be cancelled.

Its not an open auditorium, and has some nice acoustics, no outside noise, how can storm interfere? said Srinu who was a big connoisseur of Drama, he, being a reputed stage artist in his youth, but could never pursue his interest as he was a son in a big family which meant opting for a good government job and financing his sisters marriages.

All the same, he came back alright, that's all Jaya cared so she was back in her high spirits, though she felt like strangling the organiser for his not-so-wise decision to carry on with the schedule.

She didnt want to give Srinu the impression that she was concerned and worried, so she said in an affected angry voice, Anyway, who cares about those damn dramas, there were some things to be brought, the oils and spices in the kitchen need to be refilled. I dont think we can refill them today, no one in their right mind would open their shops now.

Though thats a lie, she knew Srinu would never get that its a lie, for it is but a kitchen news.

With a tired sigh Srinu sunk in the couch having washed his hands and legs and having removed his dripping wet shirt, and shivering a bit due to the cold weather while she brought steaming cups of tea, for herself and Srinu.

Srinu, who was playing with the little one, left him and took the tea, feeling a little grateful for the hot drink.

I want tea too, declared the little one, goaded by the scent of masala tea, which Jaya makes really well and the picturesque wisps of smoke coming from the porcelain cups, accentuated by the candlelight, evoking the sense of warmth to the senses numbed by the cold and continues rain.

The masala tea of Jaya, so famous in the family, was usually compared with that of Jain's tea, it's the regular tea plus some ingredients Jaya adds in precise quantities, rich in aroma unlike normal tea which hardly has any odour.

No, my dear young man, you cant get tea.


Youre not big enough for tea and coffee, Ill give you Bournvita again, if you want, said his mom.

He contemplated for a minute and said, When I become big, Ill grow a moustache, like daddy, and drink coffee and Tea and call you Srinu and call you Jaya. Grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt and everyone else call you Jaya and Srinu, except me and brother.

They let out mirthful unrestrained burst of laughter, which wavered their hands and Srinu, who was listening avidly to the little one, barely touched his tea yet, which now trickled over the white porcelain cup. But having just come home from his favorite avocation, he didn't let this tamper his ebullience. Still laughing he put aside his cup, and drew the little one near, pinched his cheeks and acted as if pulling and twirling the imaginary moustache of the little guy, and they all laughed, just as the elder one woke up and joined the party and started laughing, after allowing himself a huge yawn and stretch, though he had no idea whatsoever.

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