Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S8 39 Circar Express - part 6

continued from part 5

"Oh! It's you the idiot," she glared.

I was seeing her...., no staring at her.  If there was ever a competition for stalkers, maybe I would top the list.

Her face had this cute & curious expression the kid has the first time he's allowed to use a pen after years of using pencil in primary school.

Being close to her with shoulders almost touching while being doused with the Jasmine smell from her hair and feeling the warmth of her body, all these made me forget to respond, it took effort to remind myself to breath, which I was holding till then.

There was an infusion of scents, the pleasant scent of new books with that of sweet jasmine, it was driving me nuts.

I was in a situation, where, if it were movie by this time a soft melody would be played in the background.

When I tried to react my throat felt dry & all I could manage was a small frog like croak, which wasn't audible to her (Thankfully).

"What are you starting at, you clumsy idiot"

Clumsy, is like antithesis of me, that comment should infuriate me, but no it didn't.

Then I heard a sound, which I swear, felt like a soft titter.

Coming back to senses my first thought was to check if my mouth was open, that would make it classic gawking scene. Fortunately I was not gaping at her.

It's not like I've never sat beside a girl, in fact my bench mate had been a girl ever since I was a little guy. But this felt different, this was different, with her one loose strand of hair grazing edge of my shoulder & giving me goosebumps, I felt as if for the first time I'm sitting beside a girl.

It's about the time someone would label me dumb if I didn't give a reply.

I cleared my throat so I didn't sound like frog again, "Well, I'm Ravi, & regarding idiot, yes, you can find many here, but I’m not."

"Lemme give you a tip, next time you want to stare at someone either use shades or try to be subtle."

There was no longer any anger in her voice, just few soft giggles, which might just be my imagination.

"I'm not staring, you kinda remind me of someone."

"Cliché pick-up line, too bad it's been banal & won't win you any favors."

Beauty & brains, a dangerous combo.

"No, you really remind me of someone."

"Oh, you remember that girl you bumped into this morning, or is that you are so clumsy & collide with so many people that you can't actually remember anything?"

Suddenly I felt a knot in my throat not knowing how to respond, I like witty quips, but not when I'm at the receiving end, that too not when the person at the other end is a gorgeous girl, whom I started liking the second I saw her.

Before I replied she started again like, with a triumph in face as if she just won the debate over me, & said, “But thanks, I was a little nervous about the new place, but I think I can deal gracefully if everyone around here is as stupid as you are."

Whoa, this girl is not giving me time to recover, being the class topper, idiot & stupid, are the words that were never used on me, but she was using them as if I've name tags which read 'annoying idiot', 'super stupid'.

Even that was not the problem, I'm not usually saint like, quite contrarily I get piqued with a moderate effort, but suddenly I felt like anger is something very alien to me, I should be mad at her by now, but all I want to do is smile while being close to her.

What are you doing to me, girl?

I'm not making a very good first impression here.

I tried & sported calm face & replied with composure, "Welcome aboard, hope you like it here, it's a great place, but tomorrow when you come please don't get dunked in body spray, it's making my mind go blank just like yours."

I've no frigging idea why I said that. My mind is trying to mess up my relationship even before it started.

She gave one final fierce gaze, & sat upright as our maths madam was leaving.

She put the books back in backpack; A unique backpack, a bright shade of pink with a big picture of Casper on it. Pink I can understand, but Casper, Seriously?

I wanted to ask 'What are you a kindergarten kid?' but thought better of it; I might tarnish her impression of me which is already hanging way below the ground level.

Just as the madam left & before the next instructor came, trouble came running towards me.

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