Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S8 39 Circar Express - part 7

continued from part 6

Just as the madam left & before the next instructor came, trouble came running towards me, my actual benchmate.

She was visibly angry & had a flushed face, but she said with apparent fake cordiality, "Hi, can you please move before the next instructor comes?"

"I'm sorry,” said a befuddled Sonia.

That's it Sireesha lost her patience & in a louder tone, “Get the hell out of this place"

"Is... Is this your place?"

"Of course it's mine, I & Ravi have been benchmates since I was a little girl," she glanced at me to corroborate her statement.

I remained silent.

I seriously didn't get why Siri is being so mean to Sonia. Sure, we were benchmates forever, but most of the times, that means 7 in 10 times she goes back & sits with a girl, a friend from her girl gang.

Sonia gave me stern looks of incomprehension which quickly turned to a murderous look, just like my angry drill master. Guilt was shining in her eyes for reasons I couldn't fathom.

"You said it's vacant," her voice became high pitched.

"No, I didn't," I joked.

She punched me in my gut.

What is she eating, for a girl that's a heavy punch.

"I actually said it's all yours."

Turning to Siri I said, “Why are making a fuss about it, everyone knows you sit at back most the times."

This time Siri gave me the expression, which Sonia was having till now.

Great, two angry girls.

"Hey Ravi, If you want to flirt with the new girl, the Casper toddler, that's fine; you could have said directly, no need to lie. I usually sit here & occasionally go back. Anyway, I hope I've not disturbed the romance of the star crossed lovers."

Definitely her definitions of usually & occasionally are pretty screwed up.

"You're so stupid, mean & pathetic," saying this Sonia turned back & headed to only other vacant place across the room.

Too many comments for one day.

We created quite a scene.

Rakesh, my best friend who just woke up tried to understand the situation.

I mouthed, 'I'll tell you later.'

I definitely didn’t make a good first impression.

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