Thursday, April 14, 2011


After enjoying a heavy two day weekend, playing, watching movies, ‘gen gossiping’, going to Ascendas, to the food courts, shopping, and of course snoring for good amount of time, you get up on the Monday morning with the thought ‘I wish all weekdays are weekends, what a wretched Monday'.

Your first thought is to deceive yourself by complaining of the illnesses and alignments which barricade you from attending classes for that day, while the conscious part of you which recognizes that you are already at the edge of winning a ‘W’ grade (lost almost 15% classes) warns you or rather demands you to attend the class, for it knows that you are not going to get a medical certificate for your make-believe illness.

Sleeping till 7:45 A.M., and most probably after brushing you drag yourself to the class and if your luck turns out bad, you might have a very dry and boring class at that time. There begin all the travails. While the ‘maggu’ part of you urges you to listen and concentrate on the lecture, your heart contradicts and you end up doing things that come under this big list.

First of all you'll become ‘prof-deaf’ that is you'll not be able to hear anything that professor utters no matter where you sit, while perfectly attuned to those other sounds ranging from a pin drop to plane going somewhere. Your gaze will focus exactly on the board but you won't see anything, while the professor seeing you thinks you are following his class.

Few minutes passed, you start fretting in your place, and then waiting to see who is more sluggish than you to walk in after you; then you feel like counting the heads that attended the lecture while simultaneously segregating them as ‘magus’ and ‘non-magus’. You couldn't resist the impulse to check the time for you feel a great deal of it has been elapsed. You notice, however, that the crucial hand of the clock has only bided 5 minutes since you last saw it: unbelievable. In order to confirm, you check your neighbor's watch but it betrays you similarly. You most probably repeat this action once every two minutes thereafter.

You would probably check your cell if your loved one has wished you ‘good morning’: this provided you are not sitting in the first bench. When you get bored of these, you might start comparing the ‘S‘s the way you write with those of professor's, or trying to connect his accent to that of someone you know. Oh, but suddenly you see a friend with whom you planned something that weekend, but he/she didn't turn up; you feel like going across the class to him/her and saying “Dude, where the hell were you, your phone was dead.” But you can‘t do it owing to your classroom manners.

Meanwhile your brain projects a HD 1080P video of a movie or a match you saw that weekend, may be with small modifications (Sometimes you might take place of a character in the film or match) on to the blackboard. You might then take some interest in electrical lines in the class and think of moving to a seat beneath nearest fan. You wonder how others are able to copy that crap into their notes loyally. You don’t understand why the professor wants to make the blackboard white with his scribbling.

Suddenly you see ‘her’ (your crush) adjusting the strands of curly hair that fall between her eyes while she takes down the notes, and wonder why she never takes note of you.

Here Monday morning is just an empirical term, say you had that Monday a holiday due to some reason; the Tuesday will take up the place of ‘Monday Morning’. More generally any weekday might be called a ‘Monday Morning’.

By the time lecture ends the ‘maggu’ part of you decides ‘I will definitely follow this class from tomorrow’ but in most cases it happens that the lag continues and you'll never get a chance to work on it in the midst of your busy schedule until the day before your exams when you rue the fact that you never took care of your academics. Worse still if it is followed by a “bad exam” day – you'll feel the remorse till you sleep again. You wake up the next day and, bewilderingly, the routine continues 'The Monday Morning Routine'.

pic credits: EveryDark


  1. Suddenly you see ‘her’ (your crush) adjusting the strands of curly hair that fall between her eyes while she takes down the notes, and wonder why she never takes note of you.
    like this part

  2. Exactly!! This is how i AM too ...:D I don't except the girls with curly hair to take note of me though...:D :P

  3. Oops....its expect...not except...:D


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