Wednesday, February 6, 2013

S8 39 Circar Express

I stopped checking reservation charts on the coaches long back for two reasons. Firstly these days charts are never updated. Secondly I totally lost the faith on them, and I would even go as far as saying that Railways use some kind of special software so that a single boy & single girl are never travel partners.

This happens only in movies; I never experienced it in my life nor any of friends had any such experience. So when a good looking girl came and sat across me I was almost sure that I either entered a wrong train or a wrong coach. I took a peek from window and checked at the coach number, its S8 Circar Express and I’m sitting on berth 39, that's my seat, apparently I've boarded the correct compartment.

The gamut of co-passengers I've had in my entire life consisted of octogenarians, families with kids, or guys from college/ work.

Now I fumbled my Jeans pockets to get my cell phone. My Jeans is so tight that there is no way I can pull out my mobile while I’m sitting, so I extended & bent my right leg awkwardly in the aisle space and fished out my mobile. She was all giggles. Amid all the struggle & her giggles I forgot why I brought out the mobile in the first place. Oh, yeah!! I opened it to check my ticket.

I never believed in my stars and there is a good reason for that; When I once went to a new mall along with three of my friends, we happened to chance upon a lucky draw, as a promotion to all the shoppers. The next day all of us except me got a call that their name was in the lucky draw and were eligible to claim their gifts. So having said this me being happened to travel along with this beautiful , seemed very much out of context. I checked for the journey date in the ticket and it thrilled me to wildest degree after confirming with other passengers what date it is. Its correct I’m scheduled to travel today in S8 39.

wow!!! I can’t believe this.

‘Excuse me! kyaa aap 39 ho? (Are you 39),’ she asked me.

‘Of course not do I look like 39? I’m 21’

‘I meant are you the seat number 39?’

‘What! Umm... Oh yeah, I’m 39, and you?’

‘I’m 40, and can u keep a watch on my bag till I return?’

‘Yeah no problems.’ I started nibbling snacks from my Haldirams pack. (I'm very hungry)

KOOOOooooo...... The train sounded its horn & slowly started moving and still no sign of her, I went towards entrance to check if she’s out, still no trace of her. Train got it’s pace. I reluctantly walked back to my place.

There she is cozily seated on her berth.

I crossed her and sat at my place and started gobbling up my remaining Haldirams packet more out of anger than hunger.

I've to steal glances at her to make sure this unprecedented experience is all real because I'm still afraid suddenly I see it's not her but some random guy. I'm so excited that I feel a small ticklish sensation on my feet.

She seemed to be lost in a novel. Percy Jackson series which I completed long back. I generally read & write when in train but not today. With her sitting in front of me, there is no way I’m going to read books. After all it may be once in a lifetime experience.

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  1. 'KOOOOooooo...... The train sounded its horn'

    you got that nice. :D


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