Wednesday, April 24, 2013

S8 39 Circar Express - part 5

I did bump into many of my friends several times but thanks to my luck I never got bumped into any girl. I mean I’m not like my brother (who is two years elder to me) who always manages to play the lead role against the girl who is virtually everyone's crush in their class & outside. Trust me there are friends of my brother who would have willingly died/ killed to get to play that role. Although my brother was like 1840’s model nerd & conservative who wouldn't give a damn about all these. 

Well, all these knocks were not because I’m clumsy or something but because our school corridor seemed to have a lot of right angles. 

I bumped into someone that day too. 

Unusually I was early to school that day (everything happens for a reason?) and was hanging out around with my friends and went to some of the junior classes to tease them & have some fun. Suddenly we realized it almost time for our class and started back to our class, all of us except me. I needed to goo to restroom (I guess I had a lot of water earlier that morning or may be it is fated thus).

On my way back to class to compensate the loss of time I picked up speed and the cheetah version of me bumped into someone coming out from Principal’s room. 


I fell face flat on ground, oh no not on ground on her. 

“I’m sorry madam,” I said while still on her and trying to regain my position awkwardly after which I noticed that was not Principal madam or any staff member. She was a girl and that too a gorgeous one.

I may have started liking my school corridors from then.

“I’m really sorry, I was like kinda like ummm... was getting late to class, so...., I should have moved a bit slowly, are you alright?” I said while dusting off myself (Actually there was no need to, It was just that I got jittery and...).

She was in a brand new clothes except for a few dust patches which I guess, might have appeared right that moment. 

Suddenly I realized I was staring at her (I generally don't do that) and may be she was cursing me but her words rang hollow in my ears. 

She was neither too tall not too small just a tad smaller than me. A beautiful fragrance came from her, she smelled like a jasmine (I promise you seriously I didn't sniff, since I was too close when I fell on her I could smell her)The way her hair is moving while she is dusting herself off, Oh God, I'm definitely staring her, completely oblivious of ramifications and left out the breath which I didn't realize I was holding till then.

“Ouch!” She said , still rubbing her temples furiously. 

“I’m sorry, but you are an idiot! You've completely spoiled my dress”

Well I would still rate the dress pretty good compared to what my dress becomes by the evening. I mean there was very slightest evidence of her fall after she dusted it off.

“Well, as I said I was being late, I really need to get going, extremely sorry and meet you later many be” 

“Well you are not just an idiot, you are mean too,” is what I heard in a training voice as I've already started moving towards my class.

After my first period I had a pseudo free period, I mean our Math teacher asked us to read something she printed and distributed and she herself started reading something. I always had a doubt how she can actually read a math book like a novel, I mean you can do it/ solve the problems. 

I'd rather read telephone directory, I mean come on its just the first week of school. I take at least a good ten days to reset my clock & get adapted to school after every summer vacation. So I was just simply staring out of the window from my seat into the fields & gardens.

I was the class representative and thus always managed to get the best seat available. From my place once can enjoy cool breeze while also looking at our class garden (yeah, we had one, we are forced to have one).

While I was lost in rustling of leaves (I might have dozed of a little) there came some footsteps as if by new & heavy leather shoes on lonesome floor, and then there was a murmur. 

“So she is Sonia,” announced my math teacher, “new admission, sit wherever you like, of course only if it is vacant” and she laughed at her own joke (& few others who either clamored for her attention or weak in math).

So a new student, I thought to myself and turned to see who it was and immediately turned back and kept biting the inside of my cheek. It was her and she was coming towards me, though she had not yet seen me.

“Mind if I share this bench with you?”

So she thinks I’m the lonesome occupant of the bench while the truth is the other occupant has gone to other bench only for that period.

I don’t know why I said this but I said, “Yeah, It's all yours,” while still facing the window.

She made herself comfortable and carefully placed her bag in the desk and said “Hi!, I’m So...- Oh!! It’s you, the idiot.”


  1. Nice gng....ra. Superb memorypwr nidi

  2. 'not because I’m clumsy or something but because our school corridor seemed to have a lot of "right" angles. '

    Which right do you mean the 90 degree right or the correct right :P Works either way.

    Kidding man. Awesome.

    1. Nice Observation. :)

      Would have been a better conversation, had you not been Anonymous. :(

  3. I am damn curious to know if the Sonia is reading this. Send her the link and write about her reaction. :P


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