Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Many a times the simplest of the things bring a broad smile to our face.

In a hostel after having lighted incense to God, finding a crevice in the wall to stick it gives an immense pleasure of discovery, giving a gentle and proud smile. The pleasant feeling of contentment one gets by lighting Diyas on an auspicious day has no equal.

A goldfish in the aquarium continually opening and closing its mouth looking at us makes one feel as if it's trying to talk to us; When you offer a banana peel to a cow and when it comes forward and takes it of your hand, giving a slight ticklish sensation to the hand, bringing a very happy smile to the face is majestic making us feel happy and God-like who can be understood by all the living things

Seeing the early morning dew drops on the leaf of a plant brings a cute smile to us, and when we try to feel it with our forefinger and manage to get the drop carefully onto the finger intact gives the joy of achieving a very demanding task.
That moment when the early morning koel bird sings after you and responds to you, it's an awesome feeling.

When you are called into the kitchen and asked to give your opinion on how good the fresh sweet tastes and when you offer your views giving instructions on what component should be tweaked gives us a proud sense of significance.

When your wait-listed train ticket gets confirmed getting you a window seat, a side lower in particular, it gives a joy that's incomparable. When you are sitting at the window seat on a cool evening and have novel with you and coffee completing the picture-perfect moment, gives an ultimate pleasure. We will be luckiest if it rains slightly and we can feel it in our hands through the window. Standing on the entrance and feeling the gusty wind, looking at the country side green patches and talking with crush on phone is amazing. While the ultimate pleasure of standing at the entrance of the train while it crosses a mighty river and letting ourselves loose in the tranquility is divine.

Watching a sunset near a beach or any water body pumps in a lot of positive energy and brings us closer to nature.
It's a pleasant emotion when your roll number is some way connected to your crush's number giving us a notion of divine interference and destiny.

The lengthy walk after the hearty treat by a friend with the informal chit chat and gossip where everyone targets that one scapegoat all the way, and ending the celebrations by sleeping with a happy note recollecting the memories, giving a sense of completion is flawless.

While getting books of your favorite author as gifts for your B'Day is such an unparalleled and ecstatic sentiment.

The after dinner walks with profound philosophical talks, which generally end up without any conclusion yet giving an immense satisfaction for having spent quality time with friends talking about the ramifications of so and so decisions of nations and politics; about religion, about helping humanity and how we can contribute to human upliftment in various directions. Though some (many) times these talks foray into cricket or movie news, it’s still wonderful and indomitable feeling.
Those moments in mess when you make up a story and a friend buys it, believing completely and while the other friends beside you strengthen it by adding their own comments and the final moment after meals when you reveal the true story and laugh your hearts out, is beautiful.

Watching a movie with parents with a big popcorn in the hands; last minute entry into a movie theater along with friends; laughing madly at a comedy scene; dancing like no one is watching, quoting dialogues from movies that fit into the situation and thus laughing again insanely; the usual hot fuming evening coffee, all these bring with them their own reasons for us to be happy.

The happiness we need is in the extraordinarily ordinary things, we just need to feel the moment....


  1. Reading a cool article of this kind while its time to get ready also brings a smile on anyone's face :)

  2. I like the way you give a written form to simplest things, really cool.

  3. How beautiful a day can be When your kind words touch it!! :)

    @Lakshmi, @Raja, @Sahithi

  4. Ravi.. Your writing gives a good feel....

  5. @Sabari, @RaviKanth

    Thank you very much Sabari, for your kind and beautiful words.


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