Sunday, November 14, 2010

And thus the routine goes.......

Days were passing like that... blissful except for the occasionally popping assignments which kept mind-numbing; for the most part of them turned out to b workshop assignments. Life was like it until quizzes started appearing...

It was like a black out.... The topics were new and not so interesting sort..... They were very much poles apart from what it used to b when preparing for JEE.

Limit x-->2 x2 used to be 4 in just one step, but after JEE, in B Tech the no. of steps used to get the answer saw an exponential rise.... ε(Epsilon) and δ(Delta) the extremely petite numbers became very hefty and often covered most of the answer scripts in the exams.

Sphere and Cylinder which are considered to be just simple symmetric object thrived its wings by showing the kids that they have their own very nasty coordinates which thulp students in their physics exams.

Meanwhile Quantum Mechanics kept saying that that there is a finite probability of finding a material out of its well defined boundaries, I don't understand why professors don't use the same principle in giving attendance to us, since according to Quantum Mechanics taught by our chem professors the probability of finding in me in the class is finite when I'm actually snoring in my room.

“One should get proper sleep before the exam to ensure a proper thinking in exam” this is what elders generally say and used to be very much true in pre-university studies, but “One should do a proper night out to do well in the exam” became the popular saying, as we seldom used to attend the classes...

Like a senior once said “It’s a packed social calendar with any gaps filled by the dates of Quiz kind”

Somehow quizzes were over then the festive mood again spread while it’s the SHAASTRA time. SHAASTRA the Annual Tech Fest of IITM and SAARANG the Annual Cul Fest of IITM, They are always accompanied by pre and post fevers...Of course impact laid by SAARANG is much much greater than SHAASTRA. Fests usually housed good grub stalls and pretty girls from all over India. Both of which is very much lacked in IITM.

To our bewilderment some of us realize that some of those good lukin girls are from IITM, which is when most people get enlightened that there is department called Humanities in IITM where people who got selected for HSEEE do their MA, which is also the abode of the above mentioned gud lukin girls most of whom u'll notice to be a Mallu [*wink wink*]

24 hours a day rendered worthless by the myriad of events that bumped round the clock in the insti .Days rolled like minutes during SHAASTRA, & before we realized that the fest is over, Quiz 2 appeared out of nowhere. Quiz 2, some Midsems and the last month November came in a line one by one. There will be always at least two guys (or girls) per branch whom we can ask with confidence the details & the syllabus of the exam the next day, for they would be revising the portion by then.

Meanwhile some of the freshies (My friend is one of them) brought their own lappys, though not allowed officially in their 1st sem, and friends club around and make a list of not 'Things To Do' but a list of 'Movies To Watch' which we have missed during their preparation for JEE while been to purgatory, which we missed during their childhood, and the ones missed because of the delay in our birth, for our Tera Bytes of LAN have all of them....

Before the exam day one of the main aspect of most students include moving around the Xerox centers for notes, by then definitely some fellow or other has already taken a Xerox of notes some good boy (stud) who still maintains a notes...

And then sequence of some of the conversations goes in phone like

“Macha u have listened the classes properly naa could u put some fundaes for me reg 2moro's test?”

“Dude I myself was an asshole sleeping in the class, better we both go to _______ (Some stud non RG guy)”

“K then lets go and have a coffee and have a nice start...”

During 1st SEM most of us used to envy ED (Engineering Design) guys whom we can spot either sleeping or putting peace in their rooms, for they have only 18 credits in their 1st SEM which is compensated in their later sems.

By November most of the workshops and labs get over and again exams reappear which by then are well upgraded like Agent smith in movie Matrix, and there are only very few Neos, and many Morpheus'(Guys who strongly believe that Neo is gonna help them). November started and Time made a leap and suddenly we found ourselves in exam halls writing end sems, and I don't remember having had any time to prepare.
Nothing to write about exams, starting the day before, spending some quality time burning midnight oil with a hope to write well, but end up gaping at the question papers and struggling with answer scripts...

Many people start realizing the potential of Debit and Credit cards, and learn that there's a website called IRCTC which eventually becomes their gateway to book tickets, though few choose to travel by air. (Though there are some studs who already know them)

The thread of events gets a break in December, when we go home of course after completion of our NCC/NSS camp, and for the first time in the life u feel that it’s boring in home, if it’s not for parents’ u hardly wish to go home. Even the things we hate become quite lovely when we know that we would soon gonna miss them

And for the rest of the holidays you become campus sick...........

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