Sunday, August 8, 2010

In the room of computers....aka DCF

I have been an ideal student for first one week like anyone else at their beginning, getting up early, brush, taking bath, breakfast and then rush to class..

eventually among the above list two things claimed their superiority over others ‘brush and rush’ the rest started disappearing….

Thursday morning, we have only one class in the whole morning, ThermoD, which is the class i tried to maintain good attendance coz sir seemed to take more care on students, this made me feel to maintain notes even, and the only class I was interested in sitting in first bench,

but the place which I liked also seemed to be liked by another girl of EE but our batch, though I was not sure whether to sit in the same bench along with her, I made up my mind that I will sit only there since I came first, and after all this being the only class I maintained a notes..

The girl didn’t feel slightest remorse sitting beside me(ofcourse the bench is too big to accomodate three people), most of my ThermoD lectures I shared my bench with her, though I never spoke to her, as I already told you I fear talking to girls. I used to have a intuitive feeling that the girl is gonna beat me, I dont know why I felt like that, but later learned that she is indeed a good girl.

Everything is going on fine and unfourtunately we were given access to DCF(Departmental Computing Facilities), there is a reason why i call it unfortunate, right from that very moment I used to stay more in DCF than my own hostel room, and always chatting….

My number friends on G-mail etc grew like anything, and I have been addicted to orkut, for the sake of which I even used to skip my meals… & for this very reason I was given another name, my most popular name, and the one which I like “orkut”…I felt it much better than my previous name “crying baby”, actually I am grateful to one of our hostel mechanical senior for giving me that name……

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