Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya East Godavari District. For me its the second most wonderful place on the earth, first being my mother's lap. I started perceiving life from a different corner here, how it is to be always with friends, how it is making things on our own, how it is managing my own mundane things. Though my home is just a five minute ride from my school, the school rules don't allow a day-scholar routine.
And the routine goes like.......

Obeying seniors and having fun with juniors were a part of day to day life. Getting up reluctantly(I don't remember ever getting up eagerly) at 5 in the morning more out of fear for PET sir than habit, and those sprints around that abysmal ground half of which are done with eyes still closed. Mass Bathing at the tank with just undies on, having boost (in plates) and rushing out to the Assembly by 7:00 AM. The usually assembly session with attendance with usual all present, OD (On duty), NCC, and sick and rare absconded (yeah, I just happened to heard it twice during my 5 year stay.) and usual after assembly headcount by House masters (wardens) as a check.

People sometimes fainting out of weakness and getting it compensated by an ORS in the medical room (and many times for the tasty ORS).
Classes till break for breakfast at 9:00, again after breakfast by 9:30 running to classes which is sometimes delayed by call to parents through the coin phone that hung in front of the temple while PET Sir is waiting outside with a cane in his hand, and want to avoid shoes ? get in to classes before 9:30 risking the occasional surprise checks by PET Sir.

And the round of classes go on till 1:00 in the afternoon, and yep done with the classes......
Afternoon 2 to 4 study hours where you can do lot of things like sleep, play, gossip, read novels and when u r really bored out of all these things, can try something different - studying.

Evening again PET sir reappears ( there's no escaping when it is PET sir, the one who can instill fear even without looking at you) with the cane making us sprint a 20 rounds on that vast playground and snacks (the best part) and then games. And after a delicious dinner again a study hour of one-hour where most people like meditating with their heads being supported by the wooden benches.

And this rich routine jeweled by marching NCC cadets, scouts, cultural programs, cluster games, CBSE events and things like the sick guys (as a matter of fact you should convince the medical incharge aka compounder that u are ill (intelligent faking works)) who need not attend classes and who get the tasty ‘bread & boost’ combo on demand, awesome rumors on love stories, the colourful dresses (*wink wink*) during extra classes, night-outs to decorate classes for competitions on Independence and republic Day, Saturday community work and moon light dinners, once in a while movies.

And usual customs, legends and folklore which is passed on to younger generations, to name a few - the stories regarding the nearby graveyard & the cashew garden, art of balancing and rotating plate on a finger, protesting unfriendly mess-incharge, the bets on night chapathi, optimised use of Ujala blue (liquid fabric whitener), the funny nicknames.

And the seeds of friendship which start in our nascent hearts as we enter as a ten year old kids, develop into gigantic trees in those five years with greetings, tussles, arguments, jokes, crushes, bunks and many other trifles each of which serve to strengthen the bond.

JNV taught me, hugged me, prepared me, punished me, cajoled me, cared for me and gave me my identity.

No matter whatever language I use I can never put my love towards it into words. I hope I can again be the innocent kid who starts into its vastness after the sign at the student-log at gate. 


  1. Awsum ra....good description....

  2. thanks for reminding ujala blue optimization.. that skips through my memories when i get lost in those!! grateful to jnv!!

  3. really very nice.. Girls used to go beside guest house with books and all but there no one studies. its a good place for girls to play and enjoy.Thanks for remembering all

  4. really enjoyed those days..
    the way u described definatly worth a huge clap a friendly hug ravi..

  5. ahh all i can say is wow.... u brought back those good old memories


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