Saturday, February 1, 2014

S8 39 Circar Express - part 11


     (pic credits: flickr)

I stuffed my books & other things into my backpack while my mother tried to push some breakfast down my throat just so that I won’t be hungry, muttering, ‘I pity your future wife, guess she should also go through this routine every day, when will you become big enough to eat by yourself’ (I still don’t).

I may be an ideal student for most of my teachers, but after all I’m a student and this Mahi thing is definitely messing with my head. Wow! Mahi huh? ‘Dude, you definitely have an awesome imagination, you even came up with a pet name for a non-existent girl.’



My idea of escape from this world usually has two routes — books and music. I diligently wedged my most important book into the front pockets of my backpack, the Harry Potter instalment that I was reading then, borrowed from Gautham. I took the book into my hands and spoke to it, ‘I hope you understand Emma, that no one would take your place in my heart.’ Emma Watson the Hermione was in a way my first crush.

'What the heck am I doing? Talking to a book? Something in my mind has definitely gone awry'

Having made sure no one is watching me, I carefully sneaked the Walkman from the wardrobe, which my parents would not allow me to as it was not allowed in the school.

Just as I was ready to leave the room, my Dad, in saffron robes, on his way to Pooja after having had cleaned the flowers with water, to decorate the gods, came in & announced, before going to his usual routine, 'A friend of yours is waiting for you.'

I silently sent a thank you to ... to whom? Never mind, I just silently sent a thank you, for my dad being in Pooja mood, otherwise my very prudish father would have smelled something wrong and would have discovered that I was taking the Walkman to school with me.

'Siri?' I ask, keeping a straight face.

Siri and we are family friends; she sometimes came along with me when she is not with her girls’ gang.

'No, not Siri, but someone I’ve never seen before.'

Well, it was weird; my dad has a knack of making anyone feel so comfortable and can connect easily, though sometimes I feel he talks more than necessary, the thing which I might have inherited. Nevertheless, there were some of my friends who I feel are friendlier with my dad than me.

Maybe it’s Gangadhar, although he and Rakesh are good friends of mine, they would, as a rule used to avoid coming into the house and lingered around the veranda (the front yard) and swing.

As I drew curtains and venture out clutching the shoes and socks in my hand, a shiver went across my spine making me as stiff as a board and I had to force myself to say something, because I was speechless. All that happened was real, not my figment of imagination.

Standing there in our front yard was Mahi, with the sun shining behind her and turning her hair a shade of golden-yellow, looked stunning, with a hand casually placed on the swing. May be this was how Veelas of Harry Potter looked like. Perfect.

'Interested in coming to school, dumbo?' 


  1. Nice imagination Ravi :) ;) Superb!
    I see something going on in real life is inspiring you with this thing ;)

  2. my dear Sherlock how do you account for your cycle then? ;)

    1. First of all than you very much for reading and second for calling me Sherlock.
      I know my reply is late, but thought I'd reply once the update is ready...

      Head on to next part to know what happened?


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