Thursday, June 26, 2014


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The invisible feet made faint noises in the kitchen, so faint for each step seemed so calculated, as if making sure no one's watching. Just as the mother went to check on the pumpkin fritters dried under the sun, a low rumbling noise came from the cupboard as if someone was struggling to open it. There was a sound of plastic lid being unscrewed and after a few seconds the little rustle died away as the mother returned.
Mom called for her kid, but he didn't reply as he couldn't for his mouth was full of Bournvita.

It was smelling of sunflower oil everywhere. He felt this just as he entered home wondering what might his wife be cooking which was making house smell like oil mill. But as he was on threshold of the kitchen he realised the reason; the very expensive sunflower oil is everywhere in the kitchen floor. Just as he looked up for explanation his wife answered, "sorry the handle got tangled with my sari end and the bottle fell off". He made some grunting noises and gave some scolding and left to terrace to get some peace of mind. 
After cleaning the kitchen she opened the bathroom door where a kid was standing covered in oil, top to bottom. She gave him a bath, washed his clothes and said "Don't worry, and don't tell anything to dad."
The kid meekly replied, "I'm sorry mom, it was an accident."
She kissed him saying, "I know."

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Those jewel like eyes were looking directly into him and a few strands of her reddish bronze hair are falling into his mouth as she was dusting his wounds and scratches. It seemed like those pretty eyes were a little misty. There was a little blood here and there over the scratches about which she was making a lot of fuss. He went for medical assistance because of her insistence, accompanied by her. He got a tetanus injection almost without any tantrum unlike the time when his dad took him to a clinic. She helped him in all his activities, supporting him whenever he needed to move; during the lunch hour, the recess, and the whole day. She grabbed his books so that she can do his homework too and asked him to take a good rest.
As the sun was setting, and the school was almost deserted, he came up to the spot where he had fallen earlier in the morning. He bent down and touched the big sharp-ish stone and said "Thank you."

He brought with him into the backyard all the letters, anything that spoke of their love. As he stepped out, heavy wind hit him wildly in his face as if telling him to go back in, and his loose T-shirt was rippling wildly in the gale. Though it was still noon it was all black and looked like a dark twilight. He glanced at all of those letters for one last time and threw them over as hard as he can into the fierce wind.  

But the nature seemed to have a different plan altogether, as if it didn't want him to loose those letters which sang volumes of silent melodies of their hearts, as most of those letters were pushed back into the house along with the wind, crumpled but safe.
One torn piece of a letter hit him in his face, right on his tear etched eyes. He pulled it off and rubbed his eyes and looked at it, which read
-Always yours, Mahi

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