Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tidbits #2

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At Anand Bhavan Singapore, where I regularly take coffee, sitting across the table was the waitress I’m more acquainted with, taking her break. She spoke intensely about so many things, almost without a gap, not letting me interrupt.

As she was leaving the table having finished her break time, I said a big, “yeah, yeah!”, as I didn’t have the heart to say that I don’t know Tamil and didn’t understand a sentence of what she spoke.

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The waitress at Anand Bhavan asked me, “So you don’t like tea?”
“No, you’re mistaken, although I absolutely love both of them, I’m a tad partial towards tea.”

“But you always and always order only coffee.”

“Here is a golden rule, Just like Andhra people are good with tea, Tamilians are good with coffee, and the other way usually yields disastrous results.”

“Does that mean our tea sucks?”

*cough-cough* “That means your coffee is better.”

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An aged person new to the city, new to the local language was shuffling across the platforms, not knowing the exact platform number for his train arrival. And as he stopped to catch his breath, he heard two gentlemen talking in a language, he could understand, “Yesterday it was Chennai Bangalore, today nothing.”

And the old man panicked for he was precisely waiting for Chennai Bangalore, and he approached the gentlemen, asking, “Excuse me, but are you sure today there’s no Chennai Bangalore?”

“Of course I’m. It was yesterday.”

“Oh my God!”

“And tomorrow is Chennai Mumbai.”

“But wasn’t Chennai Bangalore supposed to a daily?”

Everyone exchanged baffled looks. And right at the moment I stepped in, as the only one who understood what’s going on there, and told the old man, “Don’t worry uncle, they were talking about the ‪#ipl‬. And yes Chennai Bangalore is a daily train.”

The old man thanked me and glared at those gentlemen before leaving to the correct platform while the gentlemen laughed later, having finally understood what happened.

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It was his favorite song. Secrets, by One Republic. And it was even more awesome to listen using his new pair of noise cancellation headphones. He stood there listening, having given his passport and flight ticket to get a boarding pass.
Halfway down the song the airline crew behind the counter waved her hand frantically, causing him to do a double take and finally take out those heavy headphones.

"Excuse me," he said.

"Any seat preference, sir?" she asked.

"Oh yeah! I forgot. Window seat please."

She pressed some keys and handed him his boarding pass, "Thank you, sir, here's your window seat, Have a pleasant flight."

He was filled with gratitude and thanked her profusely. After he left, she felt very satisfied. It was never in her job description to wave the hands.

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She drew those little fragile hands with messy nail polish away from his hands as he tried to cup her hands in his. Her lips quivered as she tried to close her ears with her hands. "I don't wanna hear any explanations," saying which she burst out into tears, smudging the freshly applied kohl around her eyes.

"She was just a friend, a childhood friend whom I met after so long."

"Really? Then how come you never mentioned her?"

"Well, we never had that discussion."

She shuddered with sobs before breaking to say, "But-But s-s-she kissed you."

"That's a sisterly kiss on cheeks."

She let the tears roll down freely and warmed up to him, letting him embrace her.

"I love you Mahi."

She looked into his eyes and asked, "So you promise you'll never cheat on me?"

With an elfish grin, he said, "I promise, except when it comes to Emma Watson."

She punched him hard in his gut and came back into his hug.

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“My shoes are intent on murdering me,” she complained, taking off the red, sinister looking heels off her feet. Taking a deep breath, "Better,” she said, after throwing an angry look to those shoes she was holding in her left hand while her reddened feet thanked her profusely.

“Let’s go,” she whispered into my ears while gingerly stepping out into the evening air, barefooted, as her free hand grasped mine and locked our fingers.

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  1. Beautiful.

    You should write more of these :)

    1. With your encouraging words, I'll do my best.

      Thank you.

  2. This is brilliant, bro!!

    Keep them coming :D :D :D

    P.S: So proud of ya! :)

    1. And especially the Emma Watson one is so you! I loved it :)

    2. And I'm grinning from ear to ear. Thank you. :)

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