Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lost Book

For a background info on Yuva, head on to the Yuva Prequel story.

“No Yuva, please try to understand, I’ve already made some progress in the book and want to continue from it, moreover, you yourself lectured me about how books are intimately personal things.”

Yuva said, “Is that your Malayali custom or something? Read only from your books? You lost your book, and I’m offering my copy, that’s it, why so fuss about it. I don’t think you can get another copy easily,” itching to add, “I’d have never given my book to anyone else, but not you. For you Shruthy, I don’t mind sharing my books, or anything else for that matter.” Her presence made him swallow twice the regular times, before making any sound, for she is an angel to him, even when she was in her dirtiest dress after her community work at the ashram.

Shruthy said, “I want to start exactly where I’ve left it, and I don’t remember exactly till where I’ve read, and I’m sure it’ll turn up soon, besides, who else in this ashram would steal an English novel other than you and I don’t think you’ll steal a book which you yourself gifted me.”


“You didn’t steal it right?” she asked him sarcastically.

“Why would I do that, knowing fully well that means extra work for me?”

“It’d have been much better if you just did what I asked and told me the story yourself instead giving me a book,” said Shruthy. Yuva talks a lot about the recent novel he got and she asked him to tell a story, but he refused, saying the mystery stories are not meant to be said aloud.

“I told you before and I’m telling you again, it’s a Sherlock Holmes novel, you should read it yourself, there’s no fun in telling a crime mystery.”

“Why do you like crime-mysteries anyway? Aren’t they all the same? Read one and you’ve read them all?”  She asked Yuva, and murmured, “Such a knucklehead you’re, who gifts a girl a crime mystery novel?”

“What did you say? I mean your last sentence, I didn’t get that.”

“Nothing, I was just asking if you would help me look for the book.”


“Hey, but promise me that you won’t open the book if you find it. Just give it to me, ok? Shruthy said, and as Yuva was about to say something, she added, with a helpless look, “No, please don’t ask any questions.”

Giving her a puzzled look Yuva finally said, “Ok, I promise you.”

“No cheating, say the full sentence.”

“So shrewd you’re, aren’t you? Ok. I promise that even if I find your book I won’t look into it, until I bring it to you.”

They’ve searched high and low for two weeks, but couldn’t find it. One Saturday night, while cleaning Gandhiji’s desk, he found the book he was searching for, The Hound of Baskerville.

That night after dinner, while talking with Gandhiji, he said, in a casual tone, “The hound is so spooky, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, seriously, a fire breathing hound? That’s a first of its —” Gandhiji suddenly stopped, realizing he was lured into answering that question, and after a brief silence, he laughed mirthlessly, saying, with a defeated expression on his face, “Ha-ha, very intelligent, you little smartypants! You made me confess that I was reading the novel without even asking me, but, um, please don’t —

“That’s fine Bapuji.” Yuva cut in sharply, before Gandhiji completed his say, “I can understand you preferring that people rather don’t know that you read English novels. Chill! No worries, I won't breathe a word of it.”

“Thank you Yuva, I found this book on my table, I knew it’s yours and I just wanted to have a look, but after reading a chapter I wasn’t able to control my urge to finish it, and yeah, I’ve to agree with you, this Holmes guy is incredible.”

continued in part 2

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