Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Goddess of - part 4

Priya: Alright, I’ll say. But for the god of awesomeness, I thought you might have figured it already. Just reflecting upon our conversation till now should give you a conclusive answer.

Ravi: Wait a minute then, lemme think… Are you the goddess of secret?

Priya: Holy trident, the dimwit finally thinks. Goddess of secrets it is.

Ravi: I’m not a dimwit. I just didn't dwell on your words too much. Hey, Miss goddess of secrets. Hey, can I ask you a question?

Priya: Yeah, go ahead.

Ravi: Please don’t get offended. I’m asking it out of curiosity.

Priya: If it’s offensive, I’ll be offended. Haha. Just kidding, go ahead.

Ravi: Isn’t being the goddess of secrets lame, I mean what are your returns? Why don’t you opt for a different portfolio?

Priya: Well, I have to say that I’m slightly offended, but for your info being the goddess of secrets is not as lame as you think. It’s a very powerful post requiring utmost responsibility.

Ravi: Really? What are your powers?

Priya: Ravi, everyone has secrets. People, animals, even the gods have secrets. Whenever and wherever someone tells a secret or does something clandestinely they invoke me. And I’m privy to every single secret. Even major gods have secret fears. Sometimes they secretly fear something might undo them. All these secrets I know, which even they might not know consciously. I know the ancient secrets that are there that are older than any god or time. I know the secret forces that can bring doom to everything we know as it is now. So If I want I can bring doom of anyone.

Ravi: Fudge! I better not fool with you. Hey, sorry if I have ever offended you please don't take it in a wrong way. You’re my best friend.

Priya: Lol. Ravi, that's okay. I’m a very responsible and mature goddess. I don't do things on the spur of the moment. I follow ancient laws. And yeah, you’re a very good friend. Don’t worry.
Ravi: Holy Hitchcock. You know my secret fear as well?

Priya: Yes, I do. Before you are tenured as a god you all used to hang out a lot with your friends. But gradually you guys became so busy that these days you hardly talk. You fear that someday you might become mere acquaintances.

Ravi: Hmmm.

Priya: Don't you worry, that won't happen. Just talk with everyone. And all I plan to do is just tell everyone your embarrassing secrets and have some fun.

Ravi: You mean to say you know all those things I did for Mahi, and all those things I did along with Mahi.

Priya: Yep!

Ravi: Well, I’m not that embarrassed actually. Mahi is a great girl, I’d do all that again for her if I ever need to. And when I’m with her I don’t think twice before doing any embarrassing stuff. I’ll do whatever she likes. Even if it means flouting rules and doing random stuff. I never took a wife in all these eons. But after meeting Mahi for the first time I should be with this girl forever. She is the love of my life. I met her when I was doing an experiment on myself. A fortnight without any magic. No godly stuff. I delegated my work to my office and I wanted to live just as mortal for a week. She met me when I was my weakest when I was the most awkward. She loved me, just me as it is. I miss her Priya.

Priya: Then why the hell did you break up?

Ravi: Trust me, I ask myself that question every single day. I still don't understand why we broke up. One thing led to another and the next thing I know that we broke up. I want her back, but I don't want to invoke all the divine shenanigans to win her back. I’d just be myself. I’d just try to be an awesome boyfriend and win her over.

Priya: Ravi, actually if you don't want to involve any godly charms you can't be awesome, I mean being awesome is your power, so if try to be awesome you’re using your power.

Ravi: Damn it. Okay. I’ll just be a lame guy, as awkward as an adolescent klutz who just fatuously started shaving his almost non-existent beard in the hope of expediting its growth.

Priya: Sorry but, I can’t control anymore. Right now I’m laughing like an idiot.

Ravi: What’s so funny?

Priya: Because I just realized that when it comes to relationships gods are as clueless as mortal guys. You never understood, did you? I’ll tell you this secret. Trust me when I say this, She although is trying to put a bold face and making an attempt to move on she still loves you and secretly wishes that you two are back. All you need to do is just go and talk to her.

But first things first, you need to stop dating these girls who almost look and behave like Mahi. You know those relationships won't last since all you’re doing is trying to find a duplicate of Mahi. That will never work. What is the maximum time such a relationship lasted?

Ravi: One week.

Priya: It actually lasted a week?

Ravi: Well the first time I lacked the courage to say that the relationship won't work. It took me six days to work up the courage to break up with her. Since the problem was with me. She was almost a near perfect duplicate of Mahi, including her food tastes.

Priya: Hmmm! Awkward or otherwise, just go and sit with Mahi and talk to her.

Ravi: I’ll. Thank you, Priya.

Priya: What about Manasa?

Ravi: She is still sleeping. I’ll just end things with her amicably and stay friends with her. Hey, do you have an additional portfolio of ‘Mending relationships’?

Priya: Nah! I’m just helping out a friend here. All the best. Now I have some of your embarrassing secrets to share with my friends. So, talk to you later.

Ravi: Alright, just keep everything we talked now a secret. Top secret. Of course, you'll otherwise you'd, that's your job description.  :)

Analysis: The God and Goddess of these files seem to span multiple mythologies.
Threat level: Zero. Friendly. These gods don't seem to pose any threat.
Remarks: Male God seems to be hopelessly in love and seem to like trains a lot, much like the Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory.

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