Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Goodess of - part 3

Ravi: Fair enough. Well, here it goes then. Back when I was a kid I had this habit, I’d pick up stones and throw them at a pole. Gradually I got quite fond of the habit. I'd take five small stones and see how many would hit the target. My friends, who at first made fun of me saying I was wasting my time, later unable to contain the curiosity, joined me to check their own accuracy and gradually everyone got so sucked up into it. We loved that game. I was eventually hitting all five of them. It was so nice hearing the large ‘ting’ sound the stone made when it made contact with the pole. As I grew up people made weird faces at me when I did the same, so I stopped doing it when people are nearby. I used to do it only when I'm sure that I'm in a secluded place, like a moor. But it was never the same, in a moor, you don’t have any targets other than trees. And I don't like hitting trees with stones. Later I became a god of awesomeness and everything else happened.

And one day I came in for the presentation, providentially, since I came there just for the coffee. Boardroom in which they discuss the new positions has excellent coffee. I just love it. I came just for the coffee. Anyway, as I sat down they gave us all the manual of the game which contained all the rules etc. There was one way to affect an out, called runout, it involved hitting those three sticks, called wickets, with a ball. And they can do it openly in front of everyone and get cheered for it. Wow. For me that sealed the deal, pushing me into an abyss of nostalgia. And I signed up for it got it as an additional portfolio. I’m very grateful to that chef who makes coffee there because that coffee was the only reason I went there. Now I can’t imagine not being the god of cricket.

Priya: Nice story Mr. god of Cricket. You’re a simple man. Good for you. Anyway, what are your favorite teams?

Ravi: Mr. god of Cricket, wow that feels so good to hear. Well, I like India, South Africa and sometimes Australia.

Priya: Aha! Caught you. That was a trick question, as a god aren’t you supposed to not have any favorite?

Ravi: As I a god I shouldn't favor any team but I can have favorites, it's like in school the way a teacher has a favorite student although he/she would be fair when it comes to grading.

Priya: Fun Fact, teachers are always unfair when it comes to their favorite student.

Ravi: Can we talk about something else?

Priya: Lol. Okay, Mr. Not-so-fair-god of cricket. Just one more question about cricket. How come India or south Africa doesn't win every tournament if they are your favorites.

Ravi: As I told you I give my blessing but I don't favor any teams.

Priya: Come On tell me the truth.

Ravi:. Besides the decision of who wins is an outcome of a council in which many gods participate. I’m the chairgod of the council but I need to take into account views of other gods and godlings. But the real reason is the god of umpiring, a minor god, is mean and is an absolute arse-aperture, my arch enemy. He wishes ill to my favorite teams. And I'm sure he's bribing everyone in the council.

Priya: If that's the case why don't you tackle him, after all, you say he is but a minor god.

Ravi: He is a puny god, but tackling him means that I'm admitting that he is my equal. I want to be seen as a casual, someone who is too top tier to be concerned with all these petty gods and their squabbles. So the issue needs a more cunning approach. Besides, disguised as another mortal, I've been talking to two mortals for an advice on the same.

Priya: And those mortals are?

Ravi: I can't exactly tell you who that is, but he is a tremendous person, a very good captain who turned fortunes of the Indian cricket team and he is known for his heroics in a particular place called the Lords and another mortal is an equally astute man, successor of the aforementioned mortal.

Priya: You're talking to Ganguly and Dhoni?

Ravi: Whoa girl! Usshhh, keep your voice down. Walls have ears. Besides, I never said those names. And if it ever comes up I'll deny.

Priya: What is Manasa doing? You’re a god why do you need a charging point to charge your phone.

Ravi: Priya, when I’m among mortals I try to blend, makes me understand them better. Besides, I wanted some time to think of some pickup lines. I was a little nervous. We are chatting after a long time, it felt so good, so I’ve put Manasa to sleep.

Priya: Why did you take a train in the first place?

Ravi: I love trains. Indian trains in particular. They are so vibrant and spectacular. They always have a story to tell if only one would listen. It offers me absolute serenity and seclusion in the midst of these boisterous crowd. What an irony. This continuous background noise lulls me, calms me and actually helps me coalesce my thoughts. Sit on a side lower seat with the strong wind in your face, sipping a delightful coffee and suddenly you have the solution for the problem you have been pondering over for weeks. I take most of my important decisions during a train journey. Manasa likes trains as well, just like Mahi. So it was perfect for our date.

Priya: I like trains too.

Ravi: Aren’t they awesome. Hey, you misdirected the most important question all this time. What goddess are you? Come one tell it already. This is unfair.

Priya: Why don’t you just leave it. I never broke rules before and I don't want to.

Ravi: So you still are a tiny little demigod then?

Priya: Alright, I’ll say. But for the god of awesomeness I thought you might have figured it already. Just reflecting upon our conversation till now should give you a conclusive answer.

- to be continued in part 4 (click here)

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