Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The First Meet - part 2

continued from part 1


<6:39 PM>

No sign of her, I check all the places nearby and texted her ‘U left?’

beep_beep. I got a reply though not very instantly.

‘Sorry, it will take some twenty minutes for me to reach there.'

<6:45 PM>

My first reaction is I’m sad, like the kid who is waiting for his dad to come home and take him to the movie comes to know that his dad would be coming late.

But then I thank god.

I quickly ride to my hostel & take a bath in the minimum time possible and put on my best clothes (Okay, not washed ones though) and a bit of Deodorant.

I pull out the gift I bought for her. The delay is proving to be good in every way.

I get back there in ten minutes lest she should leave.

I wait and keep scanning every passing girl with my heart skipping a beat every time someone of her height happens to pass that way.

<7:00 PM>

I’m so anxious and excited and with that elongated mini heart attack feeling, I keep pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose unnecessarily. Still no sign of her.  :(

<7:30 PM>

I start biting on the inside of my cheek and continue meddling with my glasses.

beep_beep. Suddenly my cell lights up again, I check it out with anticipation.

‘Hey, I don’t think I can make it today, Sry.’

Suddenly my legs feel numb and It seems as if they can’t take my weight anymore. I realize for the first time that I've been standing all the time. I pull out a nearby chair and slump into it.

I wait for some more time with still hope flickering somewhere that she would come.

beep_beep. I nearly jump out with happiness and take out my mobile with quivering hands.

'Hey, done with the code?' a friend of mine messages, crushing my hopes. He is perfectly within his rights to text me, but I get incensed at the message.

I reply, 'Kind of, will come to lab after dinner.'

I feel very bad and wanna cry. Mist starts accumulating in my eyes.

I'm lost in thought when suddenly I hear a girl's voice to which I startle and respond.

'Excuse me' I venture, saying, but my throat is so raw with grief that no sound emanates. I swallow hard, clear my throat and croak, 'Excuse me!'

'Can I take that chair?' she asks, pointing to an empty chair nearby.

'Yeah of course.'

A shallow laugh escapes my mouth. Taking a deep breath I reflect on myself, I’m ready to wait for her an eternity this small waiting doesn't matter.

I get up to move which is when I look at the Diary Milk Silk, what should I do it? Should I eat it? No. It's for her.

I go back to the hostel and keep the gift I bought her and the Chocolate securely in my rack.

I hope they reach her soon.

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