Wednesday, February 6, 2013

S8 39 Circar Express - part 2

continued from part 1

After all it may be once in a lifetime experience.

She hastily stuffed her book back in her bag and was simply gazing out of window not towards anything in particular, nor did her look contain the spark which comes when taking in the scenery of surroundings. She looked forlorn and indifferent which didn't suit her at all.

I usually try a lot of vendors in the trains since while traveling alone i get the freedom of tasting all that were denied to me from my childhood under the pretext dirty or unhygienic, like Onion Samosa for example. But not today, I resisted even from the mouth watering sight of tasty Onion Samosas lest she should tag me a glutton. I distanced myself away from everything except the coffee which I can't miss come what may.

After what seemed like an eternity I cleared my voice (I've no idea why I did it) I asked ‘Are you ill?’ breaking the deadly silence.

‘I’m sorry?’

‘I mean are you feeling alright? You wanna sleep? Should I switch off light or something?’

‘No its fine’

‘I’m sorry but I can’t help noticing that you look so dull and are in haste and even threw back a book which is very interesting.’

‘I had a fever till yesterday, aftereffects I guess. Did you just say the book is interesting? You've read it?’

‘Of course, I've completed the series.’

‘Yeah even I’m loving them, but I’m not used to reading in the train’

Having used android for more than two years now, I put her lot of gyaan about kindle & fbreader & fora apps. (I'm a gadget freak.)

She eased a little bit and is conversing more freely.

‘So till where are you going?’ she enquired.

‘Samalkot, you?’


And talk drifted into what we are currently doing, and yes you guessed it right. Both of us are doing our engineering. The coincidence took a step ahead and both of us are in our final years.

The conversation took a good pace when suddenly she got a call and she began speaking in impeccable Telugu, my mother tongue. Till now our conversation was going on in Hindi.

‘Okay, I’ll call u later’ she said to the one on phone while casting an apologetic look at me (or is it just my feeling?)

My first reaction, ‘You speak Telugu?’

‘Of course. I’m born and brought up in Rajahmundry and Amalapuram.’

‘Then why were you conversing with me in Hindi till now?’

‘Since you are a Marwadi, are you not.’

‘How the hell did you guess that?’

‘Kyonki Hum bhi Marwadi hi (I’m a Marwadi too).’

‘But how did you deduce that I’m a Marwadi?’

‘That's very easy, Your Hindi accent, and your skin tone’

People always commented that my Hindi accent sounds a lot like regulars, but never did I think that it was so convincing.

At this juncture I got a phone call. My best friend. I attended it and she took good number of minutes before ending the call.

‘Your girlfriend?’

‘A girl & my friend, not a girl friend.’

‘Seems like your family is very broadminded for a Marwadi.’

‘I beg you r pardon.’

‘Not all Marwadi families go on talking that openly with others particularly of opposite gender.’

She explained how she was allowed to go to the college only if she chose the one where her brother was doing his Bachelors, and how her freedom has limits while at home etc., I was listening with the raptest of attention and we palavered thus for some good one hour where she animatedly explained about her family and about how her sisters never even wore Jeans when suddenly she becomes dead silent.
I followed her line of sight and ended up looking at a guy who is looking down straight into my eyes. He came towards us and made himself comfortable between us and had a distinct air of authority around him.

Now who the hell is he?

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